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Navigating An Unusual Market

By Matt Side - June 16, 2021
Real estate professionals are helping buyers navigate a housing market, unlike anything we have seen before. To say this is a “seller’s market” would be an understatement with low inventory of homes on the market, a rise in the cost of goods causing construction of new homes to stall in some places, and then combine all of that with a worldwide pandemic that has caused many

Ice Cream Negotiator in a Sellers Market

By Jessica Side - September 03, 2019
ICE CREAM NEGOTIATOR IN A SELLERS MARKET   When there is only one helping of ice cream left in our house things get interesting. That is when the bargaining begins. Our kids pull out all the stops, promising to tidy their rooms, mow the lawn, and even to scrub toilets in order to be the chosen child who wins that last, coveted scoop. In this seller's market, when it comes to beating ou

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