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Pets of Realty One Group Eclipse

By Matt Side - February 17, 2021

We asked our brokers to share their pets, here are some of our favorite fur babies and co-workers.


These are some of the best pals we have! Hank is shown on the cover image (owner Dan Wilson), he doesn't mind getting dressed up for a photoshoot, he has tons of personality, is 100% all on or all off on the sofa, he doesn't get along with other dogs well and barks at anyone coming to the door.

Kevin Schindler- This is Nishi and her Christmas dinosaur at this she’s being told to leave it and it was just about all she could do…

Sarah Jane- Pandy (named after looking like a small panda bear) has not learned how to stay, come back once she takes off, or stop screaming like a wild monkey when someone comes to our house. She has such high anxiety she will climb on top of my head if Josh is fixing the dishwasher. We love her beyond AND yes... we are those dog parents and she is our family member. And no, I do not make her wear bows anymore.

Teresa Van Dyke- Bailey is constantly making sure we are aware that she is here and available for loving by inserting herself into whatever we are doing. Whether we are playing games or just watching TV she always has to be right in the middle of it.

Kim Stolz- The black lab is Zoe and the yellow lab is Hank. Both like to hang in the pool and believe the furniture in the house is theirs, Lol!

Brittany Piper- Garvey is definitely expecting attention 24/7 and does not care that I have to work. Personal space is of no concern to him. He also likes to beg for treats until I give in. He also demands walks every morning regardless of weather conditions. 🤣

Stacey Sampson- Harriet the Corgi joined our family a year ago and she makes us laugh every day with her quirks. She loves to lay in weird positions, hates mouth noises, and loves snacks. Her nickname is Heckin Chonkin Fat.

This is Fiona. She’s a Yorkie mix with wild and crazy curly hair like me. She loves heated blankets, bacon, and new toys.

Seamus is the oldest (and smallest) of the bunch. A yorkie, his day job is a mall cop because he hates fun and yells at you when you’re having fun. He has tiny feet, thinks he’s the size of a Great Dane, but likes the occasional kitchen dance party.

Lisa Funkhouser- Binx is a crazy cute little cat, he gets into everything often times you can find him climbing a door and straddling the tops of each door just to get into a closet. Nala is a 10-year-old Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever and she loves to play ball constantly! She’s very smart and If you tell her what toy to get, she will go after that specific toy.

Sara White- We went to the pound and asked for the biggest pound pup they had...enter Vernon!

Kathryn Bradford- Since Sebastian was a young kitten, he fetches, he can high five, he likes to eat all of the human food except pasta noodles and he enjoys earphone wires.

Christina Lotton- Remi is very playful and fierce! When she joined the family we had a 3-year-old lab and she took to him, but she does not take his crap either. =)

Casi Gronenthal- Introducing her highness Millicent (Millie) June Gronenthal, but you can call her “your majesty” 🤣 She definitely rules the roost!

Melissa Wilson- The blonde one is a wired hair wiener dog names Violet and the other is a mini wiener name Fiona. They are my babies.

Lacey McKenna- This is my adventure dog, Becca. She is a 12-year-old pit mix that I rescued 4 years ago. She is one of the best things in my life. Love outdoors, car rides, walks, hikes, kayaking even, this dog likes to go.

Matt Side- This is Carl. He’s Benson's dog but really the family dog. 😜

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