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Planting Trees For Each House Sold

By Matt Side - February 03, 2021
The UNBrokerage Announces ONE Cares Plan for the New Year to Impact the Environment and Touch as Many Lives as Possible Realty One Group (ROG) has launched a new program to impact the environment and make a difference in communities around the world. Through the ONE Tree, ONE World program, we pledge to plant one tree for every home bought or sold by its real estate professionals in 202

Are You Ready for the Spring Surge?

By Matt Side - January 28, 2021
Remember last spring…. Okay, now forget about it. Spring 2021 is going to bloom like never before. We are on the brink of going back to some sense of normalcy and this spring is going to be the time to kick it up a notch in your business. Take advantage of what is inevitably year-after-year the busiest time for real estate and this year even more so.  It’s going to s

100% Commission Structures in Real Estate

By Matt Side - November 12, 2020
Real Estate Professionals work off of commission, so it is important to know how different commission structures work, after all it is what pays the bills.  Most traditional brokerages work off some sort of commission split where the agent will take a percentage and the brokerage will take a percentage of each transaction.  Then, what is a 100% commission structure? LET’S TALK A

Oh No! I Bought a Haunted House

By Matt Side - October 26, 2020
  There is something immensely rewarding about owning a home, but what happens when the home you bought is haunted? According to Realtor.com’s Annual Halloween Survey, 60 percent of people who have lived in a haunted house said they found out after already moving in. What’s more fascinating is that most Americans would not immediately pack up and move if they were to find out t

Maybe Your Franchisor Is Just Not That Into You

By Matt Side - September 29, 2020
  Four ways to know your brand is (or isn’t) serious about support   How do you know you’re getting the support that you deserve from your national franchisor? It’s a good question these days, as all national, and even independent, real estate brands claim to be solely in the business of putting you first. Let’s hope that we never again encounter a global

Lowest Mortgage Rates in History, What to Know

By Matt Side - August 21, 2020
  Lowest Mortgage Rates in History: What It Means for Homeowners and Buyers   In July, the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell below 3% for the first time in history.1 And while many Americans have rushed to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity, others question the hype. Are today’s rates truly a bargain? While average mortgage rates have drifted between

The Van Dyke Team Joins Realty One Group

By Matt Side - May 18, 2020
  We are so very excited to announce the Van Dyke Home Group joining our ONE Family! This powerhouse of women already has hundreds of transactions under their belt.  Teresa Van Dyke Connie Hamblen Dani Calhoon Lacey McKenna Savannah Taylor Christina Lotton Rocki Brunton Learn more about each of them by heading over to our Facebook or Instagram pages. Become a part of our g

Photography Crash Course For Realtors

By Dan Wilson - April 01, 2020
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Tips On Working Remotely and Telecommuting

By Matt Side - March 19, 2020
   Top Tips On Working Remotely and Telecommuting Start your day off as you would going to the office. Shower, get dressed, wash up, get your coffee and enjoy it away from your desk and in fresh air Keep a clean desk and don’t have any personal belongings on your desk. Sure, keep a picture of your partner and/or kids – but allowing you to focus fully on your job

Melissa Wilson Joins Realty One Group

By Matt Side - March 09, 2020
Welcoming Melissa Wilson to the ONE Family!   New to us but not new to real estate, Melissa joins us as a top-performing broker in our market with over 5 years of experience. Her favorite part of real estate is handing her clients the keys to their new home. When not at work she can be found running the billiards table, hanging out at the lake, or skiing at one of our local mountains. R

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